Friday, 24 December 2010

Susah ke Senang?

Selamat Petang warga Mesir. Selamat Tengah Malam Buta buat warga Malaysia. ^^

Mei said to me,

" Update la blog lagi "

Well my dear sister and precious blog readers, for your EXTRA information, I'm currently having my final semester examinations.. until end of January. So, do pray hard for me okayhhhh  o_O

Susah ke Senang?
Mesti korang akan cakap,

" Alaaa... kacang buncis je beb. Ape yang susahnye? Bukannye ko tak reti guna pun. "

Weyh, let me tell you some grandmother stories.
One of our subjects during our foundation year is COMPUTER SCIENCE.
What the hack are we gonna learn actually? Computer? Piece of cake right?

...1st Class...
We learn how to open a computer. How to use Microsoft Word. How to save a document. How to create a new folder. How to rename a folder.

Gosh! Are they playing jokes on me? I've learn these stuff since I was in kindergarten!

...2nd Class..
Today we learn how to use Microsoft Excel. How to do table. Berapa banyak row.. berapa banyak column. blablabla.... And we learn how to make graph.  I have mastered these things when I worked as a clerk at Uncle Zak's office.

Manage to do it with no sweat. Proud of myself though   =P

...3rd Class...
Access!!!!!! okayh. easy but yet, confusing. And we learn everything about Access until the last week before the exams start.
It's not difficult.
It's just confusing and sometimes the computer just doesn't wanna do what I'm asking them to do!

And right now,,
Kak Nafisah
Kak Shamilah

sitting at the living room with all our eyes glued to the laptop's screen.
Doing revision for COMPUTER SCIENCE. 
We can't just think that it's the easiest subject above all..


Susah ke Senang?

I would say,  it's CONFUSING!    @_@

P/S: Dear Laptop, please be nice to me tomorrow!


amisu said...

haha.. now this is what i called dalam senang ada susah.. all the best jie.. update la blog lagi! hahaha.. XD

Wintercherry said...

dalam senang ada susah..
yeahh,, true.

caitt,, I'll update when I'm free.

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