Thursday, 26 April 2012


When the syllabus had ended and the last lecture-moment arrived,

" ....Ok girls? did I simplified everything for you? The exam will be easy insyaallah."

" Ustaz, please forgive us for everything and please pray for us.."

" You have done nothing wrong. I'll pray for you "

and the last advice from him to us :-

"..if religion is there, love will come but if love is there without will then disappear.."

Thank You  Doctor Mahmoud. 
You have been a very nice lecturer to us. Tafseer will always be one of my favourite subjects. I can hear you talking for hours about the miracles of Quran, the stories of the prophets and of course, all your funny stories. I always think that you have been some kind of a big brother to all of us. I personally hope that you can teach us again next year. Bi iznillah.

" I told you to wait until I come. Why are you guys leaving? You don't want to see me?  "

" Sorry Ustaz, Rania told us that you'll not be coming, that's why we're going back."

" Ustaz we are sorry. Forgive us for everything we had done..."

" No.No.No... you have done nothing wrong guys. You all are good girls "

Thank You Doctor Ghareeb.
You are absolutely my first teacher who is always 'emo'. You are a strict and firm. We always never had our lunch on the day of your lecture, but  I like to hear you rant though =P. and you're seriously a Saif Ali Khan look-alike! 

only one-third of the class came to this last and very short lecture.

" Ustaz, do forgive us..."

" I don't see anything in you, except goodness"

Ustaz Usamah.
Jazakumullah Khairan Khatira. Memorizing the Juz Tabarak this year has always been a challenge for me, but somehow you made it a little bit easier. I love the part where you be our Imam during the Zuhr prayer. The experience we never get in Malaysia - where the male teacher lead his students in the prayer. well, at least in my case. Oh, and i always find it  some kind of funny when you remember me only when i wear shawls, but not when i wear the normal hijab.

You see,
That's the difference between the Dokturah and Doktur.
On the last day of lecturer, Dokturahs will only ask us to study hard for the exam and things like that. As for the Dokturs, they give advice about life, and Hereafter.

Just like Fatin Fatah's said;

" Ya Allah... sweet lah ustaz-ustaz ni! "