Saturday, 30 April 2011

Boyfriend Anyone??


Random stuff i just wanna talk about. I think you girls just might love it as well. =D
I guess this is the effect of watching too many korean dramas and listening to korean songs.
If i wanna find someone to blame at. They should be my dear aunties.
Aunt Hazel. Aunt Edah. Aunt Melor.

But without them, I probably wouldn't know all these beautiful creatures on earth! =P

Question of the Day :
What would you like your boyfriend (or future boyfriend ) to be like?

#1. Do you want a guy with a statue-like face like Kim Hyun Joong?

Kim Hyun Joong

#2. Or would you love to have a boyfriend who has a beautiful face more than you do? Hero Jaejoong might be the best candidate.

Hero Jaejoong

#3.  Wanna young and childish boyfriend who sometimes like to sulk and be pampered like Seungri?


#4. Or a cute and playful boyfriend, GDragon?


#5. Perhaps you girls want the model figure Lee Minho =)

Lee Minho

#6. Everyone's favourite, tall and buffed Taecyeon!


#7.  A guy with a little snobbish attitude? I think, maybe Gi Kwang?

Gi Kwang

#8. Handsome guy with a pair of eyes which can make you melt? TOP.  


#9. And my most favourite of all. Taeyang! If you wish for a romantic guy who'll definitely make a song for you, he'll be the one. Asia's Bruno Mars ^^v


The decision is yours.
Happy DayDreaming girls! 

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tuesday Midnight

It's already midnight.
My eyes are begging for rest. But somehow i just can't sleep. So here i am, posting up some random stuff.

Just gone blog-walking. Admire all those bloggers who can wrote a long post. Because mine are always short. But i really hope that it's beneficial to the readers in some other ways. =)

Mei posted up her Easter pictures on facebook. Finally she put some fat on her ass. And other places too. HAHAHAHA. I felt happy though, seeing all her pictures.

and BAAAAMM~~!!
the screen went black. Kak Milah's just press the switch off. I had to restart the computer all over again. Ok. Went back to where i stopped. Yeahh,, finally get to see what's happening around her. How's the place looks like. And she posted up these cute easter eggs(which inside is the chocolate) pictures. The chocolate bunnies too! Busu Edah made the saddest love story ever about those cute little chocolate bunnies. You guys can check out Mei's facebook if you wanna see them. I am too lazy to post up pictures tonight 'cause it'll take some time, and by the time it finish uploading, i probably fell asleep.

Physics Lab Quiz. Done. Alhamdulillah. Quite surprised though. We had finished the syllabus??? Because I am quite sure we had two more experiments to go. Well, I hope with the 4 experiments, our results can have very attractive colours Insyaallah. Lets hope for the best!

Gosh! It's already 1.11am. I need to get some sleep. Luckily class starts at 11.00am tomorrow.


Monday, 25 April 2011

Coklat Orang Merajuk

Hope everyone's fine. =)

Hey earthlings! I'm having my Easter Holiday. and it ends today. Tomorrow i'll be having class as usual plus, Physics Lab quiz and extra Inorganic Chemistry class until 3pm. If i'm not mistaken. hehe

So here's my story.
Kak Fara just arrived from Malaysia this afternoon and she brought some stuff from my parents. Well, technically, I asked them to bought it for me. heheh.
You know, when dealing in business we must have strategies right?
Last week, Ma asked me to help her translate a letter into English. It's for Amirah's. I had been craving for this one particular chocolate biscuit, but i didn't get the chance to buy it 'cause the store does not exist here, in Egypt. It's the MARKS & SPENCER EXTREMELY CHOCOLATEY. And so i made a deal; i translate the letter and Ma have to buy me the chocolate.

But eventually, it turn out that, Ma and Aba can't buy the them for me because they have to go back kampung. Apalagi, merajuk la i kan? Penat2 perah otak translate surat. bukan sikit woo.. otak pun sudah jam ngan chemistry. huhu..

Tapi kan, terharu sangat!
Ma and Aba belikan jugak untuk aku. I know you love me =)
Thank You so much! Lain kali boleh beli lagi yea? kehkehkeh  =P

Ini kira coklat untuk orang merajuk le..

Yeah. These are the one. My babies! I feel blessed when the chocolate melts slowly in my mouth. They made the worries go away too! Quite expensive for a chocolate biscuit though, RM15.00 per pack. But that doesn't bother me. Quality comes first kan? Sekali sekala ape salahnye...  XD

These are other biscuits that I asked them to buy. Wondering much why i wanted biscuits? Here in Egypt, we don't have Jacob's;which is the best biscuits in the whole wide world. Oreo pulak, mahal nak mampos.
1 box of Oreo is equivalent to RM35.00. Gila punya! Mintak sikit pun jadilah.. asal dapat hilang kempunan.

Yeah and here's one more thing that I just don't understand. I can't seem to find this ultracarbon tablets in pharmacy. They are the most simplest medicine in the world but the pharmacies here can't seem to sell it. And i don't know why. The medicine and sunblocks are from Malaysia too. Getting ready for the Summer.

 I didn't get the chance to upload these pictures. During my examination. Just wanna share with you guys. Hope you didn't get bored with the pictures!

MORO by Cadbury's. I'm not sure whether this choc are sold in Malaysia or not. But when I came back last February it's still not in the market yet. For extra glucose and energy for the brain during last revision, and sometimes for luch too. So me and my housemates keep these stock up.

Look at my table. A mess eyh?? This is only the exam for foundation year. I dunno how my table will look like when we have exam for 3rd year.

Sister's Thing.
Ma and Aba enrolled Amirah to Taeco Training Center in Xiamen, China for this November intake. She's gonna pursue her dream as Aircraft Maintenace Engineer. Well luckily she doesn't have to worry much 'cause she can speak basic mandarin. I'm sure she can settle down much faster than I am.
Congratulations Mei! =)

Gonna post up again when i feel like it.

Peace yaww  ^^v

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Semester 1 >>> Ended [Part 3]

Good Day people! =)

I just finish folding up the clothes just now.
Class was short today. From 8.30am to 11.30am.
Finally had more time to relax!

The weather's good today too. Not too hot like a few days ago. I think it's gonna rain in this week.
Like! Like! Like!  v^^v

Looking forward to Beef Rendang tonight. Special menu by Chef Nafisah.

Here's Part 3!
The last one. Some random stuff that I wanna show you guys.

Hope you guys like it.   =D

Karipap Kentang.
Done this during our winter break.
We made around 90 pieces or so.
All finish in one day. Heheh =P

Rindu kuih Malaysia la kate kan

A picture of Ain and Anem. This is the time when me and Ain went to Sayeda Zainab to meet Anem.

Ice cream tu Anem belanje  ^^

All the stuff that I bought here tend to be in red colour. And i don't know why. LOL  XD

During our short trip to Mansoura. Visiting my relatives and Ain's brother.

Fort of Salahuddin Al-Ayubi.
During our trip to Alexandria.

Me and Mr.Pyramid.
You guys can see how big the rocks are! What a spectacular place to see!

One of my dream came true  =)


Al-Azhar Park.
A day out together with my fellow classmates.
Spring season  =D

Monday, 18 April 2011

Exam, Frisbee and Stylish Award

Assalamualaikum WBT.

I know.

And I am sorry.

My exam had ended yesterday. But I was too lazy to update Violinista last night. Do forgive me.

Me and my housemate had spaghetti bolognaise for dinner! Sempena meraikan habisnye exam. HAHA

Today I woke up at 4.30am. Did the laundry. Yang dah lame gilaa melambak kat depan washing machine tu. Asal exam je, semua benda tunggang langgang.

Alhamdulillah, it has come to an end.
I already did my best. And now it's time for tawakkal and doa  =)
And now back to hectic daily life of a dental student in Cairo.

Chat with Mei a few days ago.
Well, rather,, commenting on facebook status actually.
A very busy girl indeed. Mei take part in Frisbee Tournament at her school.
Congratulations on your winning sis!
Walaupun kau terkedek2 lari kat padang besar tu sebab kaki kau pendek, kau boleh jugak kalah kan mat saleh kat Colorado tu  =P

Seronok kau ye. Tiap kali Jie post blog. Name kau mesti ade.

And now I am officially an aunt to 4 more kittens!
Fluffy just gave birth. In Afham's closet, Again~  LOL
Dear kitties, wait auntie come home okie?  XD

I am honoured.
Kierah mentioned Violinista in her blog.
Stylish Award babe.

 Syakirah's Story  this is her blog. Check it out.  =D

Okayh. Breakfast dah siap.
Fried Bihun by Izzah.

Gonna take my leave.

Chill! ^^v

Kierah,, THANK YOU!!!