Monday, 27 June 2011

Less than 24 hours to answer Fiqh us-Sunnah written exam.

23 days more to catch my flight to Malaysia.

15.5 hours in the plane + transit.

More than 2 months of summer break in Malaysia.


Sunday, 19 June 2011


Hello World!

I have an announcement to make.

Mei's gonna get her Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1  today!!





ngehhh,, lantak lah. ape kau kesah. suka hati aku nak buat ape.

 So, the reason why I am damn excited right now is because I finally get to skype with Mei after 4 months!
Well, her being in Colorado without her own laptop and poor internet connection at her host family's house able for us to only chat on facebook. 

My dark+ awesome Mei  =D

Yes, we don't have any.
Except that some people said we have the same eyes.

But still,, she's like a twin  <3

P/S: Sleepy mode.  zzZZ

Friday, 17 June 2011


Hey 19!

No one sings when you arrived.

It’s okayh.

I still love you.

But there are some people do greet you beautifully!
Selamat Hari Lahir wahai Anakku! Jadilah Anak yg Solehah. Ma sentiasa mendoakan kejayaan dan kebahagianmu. I luv U....

In my past life, god said to me, ''a gem is going to be born on 17/6/1992, and i give u a boon that u get to be this beautiful gem's friend.'' Couldnt ask for anything more but thank the God for giving me a friend like u...HAPPY BIRTHDAY and dont forget that someone somewhere is wishing for ur happiness on every falling star :))

 Arinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! You're 19,dah makin tua...bila nak kahwin?? Remember our deal,invite me to your wedding,nak lahap nasi minyak tau!! Anyway coming back to the most important thing,SELAMAT HARI JADI,God Bless ya and good luck in all your current and future endeavours =D *nasi minyak jgn lupa*
Arin arin o my arin. Sorry for the late wishes. Happy 19th birthday to u and a very good luck for ur future. Live ur dream and im here to say, so proud of u. J

Segala pujian hanyalah untukNya

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Of Visiting, Sushi-ing and Celebrating!

Assalamualaikum WBT.

At Last! I can post something on my blog. I've been trying to upload the pictures for the past week, oh well,, the line really sucks.

*Pissed off*

And... until tonight that i'll be able to get these things done. Alhamdulillah.

Sorry guys.. too lazy to type. I'll just let the pictures tell you the story okayh?  ^^v

DATE: 02 JUNE 2011
(been admitted due to thrombocytopenia)

Izzah, Ain Sabri, Nafisah and Shamilah

Ain Halim and Azka

Picture with everyone joining the trip  =)

Me and my housemates wearing purple!

On our way to the hospital, I'd been greet by an Egyptian lady inside the metro.
" Anti min yaban? "  ( are you from Japan )
" la'. la'. Ana min Malizia." (muka tang mana macam orang jepun pun tak tau daa )

Japanese ladies <3 Taken with Jia!

Resting under the shady tree.


Asking for directions...

Mission accomplished.  *pheww*

Resting while flipping the menu

Birthday Girl : Ain Halim  =D

I like how the picture turns out. Beverage: Nova.

Lemon Mint

Rocky Road

Me and Sharifah Nabila


Main dish of the day : Sushi Combo 52.

My eyeballs gorged out of their sockets after seen the bill. HAHA

One of the best moment yet. Less than three you girls!!!

A birthday cake to complete the day.

The trip really made my day. Although it's not my birthday anyways..
But, having your friends around you.. hanging out together.. really is the best thing to do!

To those friends who accompanied us,

Jia, Qila, Azka, Nadia, Razan, Bella, and Ain.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart. =)

P/S: I'm dying out of happiness when I found out there's a sushi restaurant in Egypt.  XD