Sunday, 30 October 2011

During Those Three Months.

the very interesting trip begins!

the neighbours, not forgotten =)

most of these big creatures came from India.

Siput and Selendang.

a bath together

i've never seen my face this happy before =D

fun splash!

meet my American sister, Marlena. Malay name: Afia.
sisters forever. <3

woops. Amirah's hand in the picture.

After a year together, it's time for Abang Adam return to Germany. I manage to fly back before he does. A short meeting, but enough to have a delicious, memorable dinner together. Abang Adam, thanks for being my brother. You had fulfill one of my dreams. Till we meet again, insyaallah!

Malay and Siamese cuisine.


Abang Adam!

My last picture with him

LOL. i didn't know my parents can act like this. =)

Ok. this is one of Afia's firsts. Sewing XD

A nice gathering with my Asduta sisters and DUrian seniors.
Sis Aishah's fav cake. It's her birthday!

The six of us. From left: Sis Aishah, Sis Farra, Me, Arif, Faiz and  Abang Azrul.

The Ladies

The Guys

At the end, we try out the macaroon. The taste was not like i imagine it to be. No more macaroon for a year. Too sweet. My teeth're begging me to stop eating it. =P

One of the things that i'm envy of. US really has cool, sweet, fun stuffs that Malaysia doesn't have.

chocolate chip cookie dough.

trip to Penang

We're different! but we're sisters <3

Lazy monkey

Afia with Ma and Aba

The siblings!

Makan-makan. at Gurney Drive.

Last stop before going back.

This really gave my tongue a pleasant surprise. Simply loving it.

wish i would have the time to eat with Jabir. Sorry BFF. I promised. but i can't make it. next year insyaallah?

Kak Kid's visit to KL. a wonderful person i might say =)


Jamuan Aidilfitri PJST4.

Bapak-bapak sekalian.

The Family. Amirah's missing.

Daddy's girl

With dear Ma

Late night trip to Jalan TAR

They share the same features

got fascinated by this Bangladesh/Pakistani guy


been trying to make one for the past 10 years.

even the non Malay can do it

Amirah's first three

Mine is in the making! 

Raya Day.
Things happened.
Whether it's happy or sad,
i'm with my family.
That's what made it the BEST one!

20-years old and ongoing...

This was my first raya looked like.

Second raya

Dramatic much?!

Sisters in Cotton

Along Razef belanja!!!!!!!!!

Makngah Lin and Pakngah Nazri

Neklong Chah

Annual picture. the same house, the same window.

the merdeka boy

Will be missing Malaysia.
The End.