Sunday, 22 January 2012

Semester 1 - Year One.

Ya Allah! Ya Allah! Ya Allah!

Sukanya hati ni!

Akhirnya habis jugak imtihan yang jumlahnya 8 subjek + 2 lab.

Kali ni, masa macam cepat sangat berlalu. tak sedar rupa-rupanya dah habis satu semester. Rasa macam bulan lepas baru balik dari Malaysia.

Subhanallah tak sabarnya hati ni!

Nak mendaki Gunung Sinai. Nak tengok matahari terbit. Nak tengok salah satu kebesaran Allah yang tak terkira banyaknya. Harap-harap Sinai turun salji lah!

Ma3arad Kutub pun dah mula. tengah merancang tarikh nak pergi memborong buku. Rasa seronoknya winter break kali ni. =)

Oh ye. Arina, jangan lupa hafaz Surah Nuh. Ustaz Usamah nak tasmi3 lepas cuti.


P/S: tak boleh main-main dah sem 2 nanti.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Salam Imtihan.

Ma'a ttaufiq wa nnajah.

Bi iznillah.


Age is nothing but a number.

It does not determines our level of thinking.

You'll be surprise at how intelligent a 5-year old kid can be

and how stupid a 40-year old man live his life.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Award, Bestfriends, Brain and Gawazat.

All about pictures. =)

new wiggly hairy socks for winter.

NICE 2011
Presents for the award.

number 1 : diary

Ribbon that i supposed to be wearing.

number 2: the frame-with-the-award-thingy.
(didn't know what people usually called them)

number 3 : the certificate

didn't attend the ceremony though. had anatomy class.
To Anis Nabila, thank you for receiving the award on my behalf.

P/S: to you-know-who,, her face really looks like you! the girl version. XD

a poem by anem <3

anem asked me to put this on my bed. =P

and put this on my bedroom wall. =)

and a shawl with beautiful design. anem said that she never saw me wearing one. which is soooo obviously not!

Jazakillah for all these suprising presents. appreciate it. <3

to dearest, loveliest, cleverest (is there such a word?) bestest friend jabir, here's our latest picture! We met on 1st of January! =D

Skull - at anatomy lab.

anem post many things on her wall. one of them was this. and i love it!
- late night pillow talk during Eid holiday.

the human brain. the smell of formaline sucks!

At the visa place. a.k.a gawazat. this was only some of them.

and there's more and more.

mama! i'm wearing my red winter coat already!!

bestest friend with her red rose and pucker face.

bwekkk =P

Really wish that you're here, jabir!

do pray for our success.
exam starting next week!

The Beginning

every great things happened today. despite the fact that today is the first day of the year. thank you Allah. for everything that you have give. everything that you had gave. and for everything that you will give me in the future, insyaallah.

so many things to share.

but my eyes are begging me to close them.

a very long day indeed.

but surely it was one of the best i've ever had.

earthlings, i'll post up another time.  =)