Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Semester 1 >>> Ended [Part 2]

Just had my lunch. at 4.00pm.
Fathirah Suguk with Doritos. Simple je.
Everyone's tired. Tunggu dinner nanti la baru makan nasi.
Chef Milah is in charge for the menu today. Nyum nyum~~

Went straight to the ATM machine after class today.
Allowance for April is in! Thanks Ma =)
Beli chocolate untuk stok bulan April.
Nescafe too,, to keep me company late at night.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention.
Final semester 1 exam is on 3rd of April.
Do pray for my success will ya?  ^^
Thank You in advance.

Ma and Aba's flight to Seoul is at 1.30pm tomorrow.
Travel to see the beauty that Allah had created. Masyaallah!
Jangan lupe bawak balik souvenir tau!  =P
Hehehe... Enjoy your trip ^^v

Part 2,, as promised =)

Hussein. or known as Khan El-Lili to the tourists. Nie la tempat travel agent bawak pelancong2 pegi membeli-belah. Sumpah korang kena tipu ngan harga dia. Nanti mau datang, mai habaq kat arin naa.. Insyaallah boleh dapat diskaun  =P

See? We even sit on the table! There's still not enough class and we have to use the dentist lab as our class. This lab can occupy 30 people max. We're double! Still,, cool je.

A picture with our lecturer. The lady with brown scarf is our Dokturah for Zoology Practical. Picture were taken on our last day of class.

You guys might be wondering,, Dokturah? Ke bende nye tu?
Well, back to our basic on arabic.
Kalau nama perempuan ade ta marbutah kan?
So, if lecturer lelaki, panggil Doktor, lecturer perempuan, panggil Dokturah =)

Me, Ain and Kak Milah in the middle. At the hall in Faculty of Science. Having extra class for Organic Chemistry. Notice the red wintercoat? First time kena tasmi' surah ngan Ustaz Ramadhan, bila pakai wintercoat nie. =)

With our Physics's lecturer. On the last day of class.

Nafisah, Izzah and Ain. Tangan tu, Kak Milah's. We're in front of Faculty of Dentistry, or in arabic,, Kuliah Tibb Al-Asnan.

Malaysian Class. Nie la tempat kitorang belaja. Simple je. No auditorium whatsoever.
But, despite all the things that're not at par will Malaysia, in particular,, I'm still grateful to be able to study at the world's most oldest university.

P/S: Best ke cerita Merong Mahawangsa?

Monday, 28 March 2011

Semester 1 >>> Ended [Part 1]

Assalamualaikum WBT  =)

Hey peeps! Wassup yaawwll??
Having a great time of your life? Mine was just as awesome as every day are. Alhamdulillah.
It's quite a time to be able to post something at this blog. I've been busy with stuff.. And oh yeah,, just got our internet back. Sux dowhh.. haha =0

SPM results were already out.
I almost forgot on that very important day. How could I? Mei, hontou ni gomenasai~~
Received an sms from Ma. 6As 3Bs. Alhamdulillah! Congratulations! =)
Although you didn't achieve your target, but still,, you're rocking the world in your own way.
I'm very proud of you! Mesmerize all the colorado peeps out there ya!

Ok. enough with sister's thingy.

Back to my story.
As to the above title, Semester 1 of Preparatory Year of Dental Students ended just before the Egypt Revolution. And of course, I had experienced various new things in my life. I don't have to mention that. You know what I'm gonna say kan? So, no more wasting time.

I wanna share some tiny parts of my life with you guys. Enjoy~

The sky with full of clouds. Such a rare scene in Egypt. Picture were taken from Physiology Lab =)

Kuno kan? This is our Zoology Lab. Faculty of Science is still, old school. Pakai papan hitam lagi. You'll never find this in any university in Malaysia. Tapi, yang nie tak penting, ilmu tu yang penting. Right?

Faculty of Pharmacy. Picture were taken from Zoology Lab.

Faculty of Engineering at the center. Gadis2 kat depan nie, sahabat2 sekelas. Dari cafe nak ke kelas. Winter. Nampak kabus? sejukk~~

Haaa... ni la cafe kitorang. Very simple. Tapi ok je. kadang tak sempat nak pi makan pun. Class full!

Me with Izzah. In Physiology Lab. Sempat posing lagi tu. Dokturah tengah sediakan slide. Hehe.

There's more to come, Insyaallah.
Till then, Peace No War  ^^v

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Next Stop >>> Jeddah

6 February 2011

Ain received a call from Ustaz Fuad. We’re required to go to BAKAN to take a bus to go airport. Alhamdulillah, less than an hour, we got a MAS plane to Jeddah. Because,, 40 people didn’t turn up on that day.

 Plane kitorang

 Dekat Rumah Terengganu. Nak tunggu bas ke airport.

Boarding pass. Notice; FREE. heheh =P

Flight to Jeddah takes about 1 hour and 30 mins. I’m suprised that they even served lunch for us! How thoughtful =)
We arrived at King Abdul Aziz Airport at 2.51pm. It took sooooo long for us to get out of there because of the visa. We managed to arrived Kompleks Tabung Haji in Madinatul Hujjaj around 10pm.

Lame nak tunggu visa nieyhhh

Sempat posing sambil tunggu ambik luggage

Jeddah at night

MasyaAllah! Tempat ni ramai sangat orang. More than 9000 students! We live like a hostel students here. 20 orang dalam satu dorm. Air pun tak selalu ada. Tapi, Alhamdulillah,, makan sentiasa cukup. Tak pernah lapar. I gave my passport to the admin last night. I’m the 5560th person to go back Malaysia. According to my calculation, my flight supposed to be in 3 or 4 days more. Unless the rumours of Kingdom Saudi Arabia wants to send a jumbo flight A380 are true. We all can go back home faster =)

9 February 2011
13.56pm local time

We just had lunch. Today’s menu is rice with chicken curry.
Alhamdulillah, kenyang perut. We have been here for almost 3 days now. Still don’t now when is our flight. Izzah received an email from uni. Exam postponed!!!!! Hurrayyyy.... Boleh balik Malaysia dengan tenangnya =)

Aktiviti di Madinatul Hujjaj ;

Since we cannot go out outside of Kompleks Tabung Haji, all we do is
Kitorang duduk tingkat 4. So, malas nak keluar turun bawah. Plus, ustaz2 ramai kat bawah dok melepak and main futsal.
Apa lagi, duduk dalam bilik diam2 je laaa... Janji semua benda cukup alhamdulillah. Just waiting for our number to be called.

Akilah’s leaving for Malaysia this evening. By commotion flight of course. Waaahh~~ So envy of her laa... can go back home early.

Paling lambat kitorang balik pun 12 haribulan.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Lifetime Experience

Riot in Cairo
·          The number of days that I counted is not exactly from the day the riot began. I start with the day I saw a small demonstration in front of Ministry Petroleum’s building on my way back from Uni.


DAY 9.  31st JANUARY 2011.  
The past 7 days, I’m gonna tell it today. But I won’t promise that it will be in order. I’ll write whenever it pops in my head.
Today, Perintah Berkurung have been extended to 20 hours. From 12noon to 8am the next day. We’re only allowed to go out for only 4 hours. My housemate just came back from the shops. Most of the shops were closed. The’re not much bread left in the bakery. Eggs too,were finished. The Egyptians were busy buying vegetables. Afraid that there will be none in the next following days.
Last night, there seemed to be many plane and helicopters flying around. Not like the normal night in Cairo. I heared a sound. Like a siren, but more like a semboyan. Probably come from one of the helis. Kak Fara said that it’s the sound when it’s darurat. I wonder wether it’s true. It’s really hard to get a good night sleep this past week. Wondering wether we’re gonna be alright, or not.
We got the news yesterday that the jails have been broken. All the criminals are out. The police have no authority to do their duty anymore. Ok. We’re damned freak here. We heard that many supermarkets had been broken. Houses too! Kak Zaty’s house had been broken. Aza’s phone and laptop had been robbeb. It looks like  the criminals use this hectic time to broke in . Because we don’t have internet access. Phone line has been blocked, until recently. We cannot contact the Malaysian people. I bet my family were worried.

DAY 10.  1st FEBRUARY 2011.   
We moved in to Markas AQ yesterday. The Malaysian Embassy wants us to say together. So it’ll be easier to inform us. Pihak kerajaan Malaysia ada mengemukakan cadangan untuk hantar pelajar2 Malaysia ke negara jiran. Saudi, Jordan or Syria. I’m not sure. But until now we haven’t heard any news about it.
There’s gonna be a big demonstation today. Most probably in Tahrir Square. Near Anem’s place. I wonder whether it’ll turn out to be a riot again. Hmm...... Oh yeah, Anem already move out to ARMA. It’s safer there.
I seriously dunno what’re gonna happens next. This is Egypt. We can’t predict things here.. like we usually do in Malaysia. Their politics’re not stable. Any thing can happen.
I really hope Malaysia do something bout this. If they don’t wanna take us to other country, Fine with me though! But please,, send us some money. Or food. We can’t  even withdraw our money. And the price have been going up like crazy. If we don’t have money, we can’t buy food.

Lepak-ing at midnight   =)

Latest news from the university. Our exams is still on. Seriously??!!

Ma just called. She said that PM will send TLDM ship to Egypt to bring us to a safer place. The ship’s current whereabout is in Teluk Eden. It’ll be a few days to get here. Parents of the students are very unhappy with Malaysian government right now, because of their late action. Even the Indonesians had gone back to their country. It’s only us.. Left here together with the Egyptians.
Ma said, “ Be positive! “
And I asked, “ positive about what? “

“ With all that happens. Don’t worry. Life is colourful. “ Ma replied.

Sure I will!

DAY 11.  2nd FEBRUARY 2011.   
Another day in Cairo. We’re waiting for the help. They’re on their way. It takes 5 days for them to evacuate us to Jeddah. And from there, MAS and Airasia will take us to Malaysia. We don’t know until when we have to stay like this. Latest Egypt news states that now there are two parties. The ones that protest, and the ones that support Hosni Mubarak. WTH???  Takut diorang berperang je. A friend of mine told us that in Mansoura, balai polis dah kena bom.
I just got the call from Ma. Johor banjir!!!!!
Nasib baik rumah Tok Aba kat atas bukit. Tapi banjir kali nie lagi teruk dari dulu. Rumah arwah Tok Cu dah tenggelam.
Global warming. Climate pun dah tak menentu..

DAY 13.   4th FEBRUARY 2011.  
We still haven’t left. Well,, to be exact, we,, the 1st year student of Al-Azhar University under AQM. Anem is on her way to Cairo Airport leaving to Jeddah. I really hope it’ll be our time soon. I’m already stressed out. The news that we heard from the Embassy is we’re gonna have uni break at least 6 months. But the Dean said class and exams starts as usual.. I’ll just go with the flow.
Yesterday En.Siraj arrived in Cairo with Dato’ Razak under the NGO Malaysian Relief Agency. They brought the fund for Malaysian students. We use the fund to buy food and cook for them. So, technically, we’ll be among the last to go to Jeddah. Ma support it 100 percent. It’s the chance to do charity and help people.
And I agree with her .

Sukarelawan MRA

Bekalan makanan yang dibawa dari Malaysia

DAY 15.  5th FEBRUARY 2011.
Tazkirah by Dato’ Dr. Razak from MRA. It’s felt good though,, listening to old people’s advice. InsyaAllah, it’ll be our turn to fly either today or tomorrow. We had fried rice with curry for  breakfast. But I don’t have the appetite to eat much. I couldn’t even finish a bar of cadbury.  LOL!

Itadakimasu~~ ^^v

Latest news from Tuan Siraj. They discussed with GMN, they want the Malaysian students to come back to Egypt at the end of February. So, we just wait for the result.

Those were the entries that I manage to type during the riot. yeahh,, it's not a full story. But, at least you get the rough idea  =P