Monday, 28 March 2011

Semester 1 >>> Ended [Part 1]

Assalamualaikum WBT  =)

Hey peeps! Wassup yaawwll??
Having a great time of your life? Mine was just as awesome as every day are. Alhamdulillah.
It's quite a time to be able to post something at this blog. I've been busy with stuff.. And oh yeah,, just got our internet back. Sux dowhh.. haha =0

SPM results were already out.
I almost forgot on that very important day. How could I? Mei, hontou ni gomenasai~~
Received an sms from Ma. 6As 3Bs. Alhamdulillah! Congratulations! =)
Although you didn't achieve your target, but still,, you're rocking the world in your own way.
I'm very proud of you! Mesmerize all the colorado peeps out there ya!

Ok. enough with sister's thingy.

Back to my story.
As to the above title, Semester 1 of Preparatory Year of Dental Students ended just before the Egypt Revolution. And of course, I had experienced various new things in my life. I don't have to mention that. You know what I'm gonna say kan? So, no more wasting time.

I wanna share some tiny parts of my life with you guys. Enjoy~

The sky with full of clouds. Such a rare scene in Egypt. Picture were taken from Physiology Lab =)

Kuno kan? This is our Zoology Lab. Faculty of Science is still, old school. Pakai papan hitam lagi. You'll never find this in any university in Malaysia. Tapi, yang nie tak penting, ilmu tu yang penting. Right?

Faculty of Pharmacy. Picture were taken from Zoology Lab.

Faculty of Engineering at the center. Gadis2 kat depan nie, sahabat2 sekelas. Dari cafe nak ke kelas. Winter. Nampak kabus? sejukk~~

Haaa... ni la cafe kitorang. Very simple. Tapi ok je. kadang tak sempat nak pi makan pun. Class full!

Me with Izzah. In Physiology Lab. Sempat posing lagi tu. Dokturah tengah sediakan slide. Hehe.

There's more to come, Insyaallah.
Till then, Peace No War  ^^v


amisu said...

what?? enough of sister's thingy?? hurtful!! hahaha..

Anonymous said...

cantiknya langit~ :D
kak arin,letak la more pictures~ :DD

Mohamad Zulhilmi said...

T_T i hate you. i hate you!!! nak amek gambar atas pyramid boleh? pastu i tolak you jatuh. hohoho

Wintercherry said...

Thanks for reading peeps.

Mei, be grateful that I mentioned about you okayh =)

Cda-chan, insyaallah!

Zul, cakap banyak. datang cnie pun belum =P

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