Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Semester 1 >>> Ended [Part 2]

Just had my lunch. at 4.00pm.
Fathirah Suguk with Doritos. Simple je.
Everyone's tired. Tunggu dinner nanti la baru makan nasi.
Chef Milah is in charge for the menu today. Nyum nyum~~

Went straight to the ATM machine after class today.
Allowance for April is in! Thanks Ma =)
Beli chocolate untuk stok bulan April.
Nescafe too,, to keep me company late at night.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention.
Final semester 1 exam is on 3rd of April.
Do pray for my success will ya?  ^^
Thank You in advance.

Ma and Aba's flight to Seoul is at 1.30pm tomorrow.
Travel to see the beauty that Allah had created. Masyaallah!
Jangan lupe bawak balik souvenir tau!  =P
Hehehe... Enjoy your trip ^^v

Part 2,, as promised =)

Hussein. or known as Khan El-Lili to the tourists. Nie la tempat travel agent bawak pelancong2 pegi membeli-belah. Sumpah korang kena tipu ngan harga dia. Nanti mau datang, mai habaq kat arin naa.. Insyaallah boleh dapat diskaun  =P

See? We even sit on the table! There's still not enough class and we have to use the dentist lab as our class. This lab can occupy 30 people max. We're double! Still,, cool je.

A picture with our lecturer. The lady with brown scarf is our Dokturah for Zoology Practical. Picture were taken on our last day of class.

You guys might be wondering,, Dokturah? Ke bende nye tu?
Well, back to our basic on arabic.
Kalau nama perempuan ade ta marbutah kan?
So, if lecturer lelaki, panggil Doktor, lecturer perempuan, panggil Dokturah =)

Me, Ain and Kak Milah in the middle. At the hall in Faculty of Science. Having extra class for Organic Chemistry. Notice the red wintercoat? First time kena tasmi' surah ngan Ustaz Ramadhan, bila pakai wintercoat nie. =)

With our Physics's lecturer. On the last day of class.

Nafisah, Izzah and Ain. Tangan tu, Kak Milah's. We're in front of Faculty of Dentistry, or in arabic,, Kuliah Tibb Al-Asnan.

Malaysian Class. Nie la tempat kitorang belaja. Simple je. No auditorium whatsoever.
But, despite all the things that're not at par will Malaysia, in particular,, I'm still grateful to be able to study at the world's most oldest university.

P/S: Best ke cerita Merong Mahawangsa?


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