Saturday, 15 December 2012


Last Thursday i had my first smart circle with predental sisters.

Last night i attend Azharian Gathering night.

And i just realized

that i'm getting older.

It's my third year in Egypt; as a second year dental student.

I get a lot of people saying that i'm more matured than most of my age

but somehow, i just don't feel that.

Or maybe i don't wanna feel that; mature i mean.

Can i just stay like this?

Gosh i miss high school.

All of them.

Friends, teachers, homework, ponteng, lepak.

{ Rewinding the memories }

Monday, 28 May 2012


A : Alhamdulillah! akhirnya! dah separuh exam aku buat.
B: Waahhh... baguslah! tinggal berapa paper lagi?
A: Tinggal lagi lima je. (lima je?)
B: Semua sekali berapa?
A: Sebelas.
B: Oh.
A: T____T

konon exam dah nak habis. separuh kau tu, macam orang lain baru start exam tau.

and i feel sorry for myself. 

Monday, 14 May 2012


When it comes to them..

expect the unexpected.

trust me.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Little by Little

i believe that
if we want to achieve something
we have to do it little by little.

even babies cannot walk when they're first arrive in this world.

the Quran too, was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) little by little.

a small step
made by

is a giant leap
for mankind.

have faith, be patience.
climb to the peak of the world
by Dean as your ladder

and Jannah will be


Thursday, 26 April 2012


When the syllabus had ended and the last lecture-moment arrived,

" ....Ok girls? did I simplified everything for you? The exam will be easy insyaallah."

" Ustaz, please forgive us for everything and please pray for us.."

" You have done nothing wrong. I'll pray for you "

and the last advice from him to us :-

"..if religion is there, love will come but if love is there without will then disappear.."

Thank You  Doctor Mahmoud. 
You have been a very nice lecturer to us. Tafseer will always be one of my favourite subjects. I can hear you talking for hours about the miracles of Quran, the stories of the prophets and of course, all your funny stories. I always think that you have been some kind of a big brother to all of us. I personally hope that you can teach us again next year. Bi iznillah.

" I told you to wait until I come. Why are you guys leaving? You don't want to see me?  "

" Sorry Ustaz, Rania told us that you'll not be coming, that's why we're going back."

" Ustaz we are sorry. Forgive us for everything we had done..."

" No.No.No... you have done nothing wrong guys. You all are good girls "

Thank You Doctor Ghareeb.
You are absolutely my first teacher who is always 'emo'. You are a strict and firm. We always never had our lunch on the day of your lecture, but  I like to hear you rant though =P. and you're seriously a Saif Ali Khan look-alike! 

only one-third of the class came to this last and very short lecture.

" Ustaz, do forgive us..."

" I don't see anything in you, except goodness"

Ustaz Usamah.
Jazakumullah Khairan Khatira. Memorizing the Juz Tabarak this year has always been a challenge for me, but somehow you made it a little bit easier. I love the part where you be our Imam during the Zuhr prayer. The experience we never get in Malaysia - where the male teacher lead his students in the prayer. well, at least in my case. Oh, and i always find it  some kind of funny when you remember me only when i wear shawls, but not when i wear the normal hijab.

You see,
That's the difference between the Dokturah and Doktur.
On the last day of lecturer, Dokturahs will only ask us to study hard for the exam and things like that. As for the Dokturs, they give advice about life, and Hereafter.

Just like Fatin Fatah's said;

" Ya Allah... sweet lah ustaz-ustaz ni! "


Friday, 9 March 2012


When things tend to get out of control,
You cannot help but to be pathetic to yourself.
You will swirl like a leaf that cannot fight the wind
You will humbly fall to the dusty ground
You will wilt in the passing of time
And you will die, brown

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Once in Four Years

the plus day. the one that you can't have every year.
the one day that you can have to study for your exam.
to compensate the time that the earth circulating the sun; which is not exactly 365 days each year.

therefore, you have today.

if this day would not be pronounced,
what would you do?
if you have one more day to do the most important things in your life?
spend the day with the loved ones?
visit the place that you wanted to go this whole time?

you're the only one that have the answer to that question. no one else. perhaps, this particular one day might be the happiest moment throughout your entire life, or it can be the most pathetic one. on this very day itself, you might discover your true self; which is hidden deep inside that little chamber of your heart. and this day, might be the turning point of your life.

Yesterday is a history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. 
That is why it is called the present.

i kinda pity those who were born on this date.
they don't receive presents every year. hohoh..
i have at least 1 friend that i remembered having his birthday on this very day.
Awe, may Allah bless you friend! ( he called himself a special boy) nahhhhh~ =P

another 4 years, i expect myself to wear a white coat, sitting on a dental chair and enjoy my job.
bi iznillah.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Is this normal?

i think i'm starting to become a freak.

not in the eyes. i tend to look to their teeth when they're talking.

these whole dentistry thing has really taken me off.

and it better be towards the good things in the future.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Semester 1 - Year One.

Ya Allah! Ya Allah! Ya Allah!

Sukanya hati ni!

Akhirnya habis jugak imtihan yang jumlahnya 8 subjek + 2 lab.

Kali ni, masa macam cepat sangat berlalu. tak sedar rupa-rupanya dah habis satu semester. Rasa macam bulan lepas baru balik dari Malaysia.

Subhanallah tak sabarnya hati ni!

Nak mendaki Gunung Sinai. Nak tengok matahari terbit. Nak tengok salah satu kebesaran Allah yang tak terkira banyaknya. Harap-harap Sinai turun salji lah!

Ma3arad Kutub pun dah mula. tengah merancang tarikh nak pergi memborong buku. Rasa seronoknya winter break kali ni. =)

Oh ye. Arina, jangan lupa hafaz Surah Nuh. Ustaz Usamah nak tasmi3 lepas cuti.


P/S: tak boleh main-main dah sem 2 nanti.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Salam Imtihan.

Ma'a ttaufiq wa nnajah.

Bi iznillah.


Age is nothing but a number.

It does not determines our level of thinking.

You'll be surprise at how intelligent a 5-year old kid can be

and how stupid a 40-year old man live his life.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Award, Bestfriends, Brain and Gawazat.

All about pictures. =)

new wiggly hairy socks for winter.

NICE 2011
Presents for the award.

number 1 : diary

Ribbon that i supposed to be wearing.

number 2: the frame-with-the-award-thingy.
(didn't know what people usually called them)

number 3 : the certificate

didn't attend the ceremony though. had anatomy class.
To Anis Nabila, thank you for receiving the award on my behalf.

P/S: to you-know-who,, her face really looks like you! the girl version. XD

a poem by anem <3

anem asked me to put this on my bed. =P

and put this on my bedroom wall. =)

and a shawl with beautiful design. anem said that she never saw me wearing one. which is soooo obviously not!

Jazakillah for all these suprising presents. appreciate it. <3

to dearest, loveliest, cleverest (is there such a word?) bestest friend jabir, here's our latest picture! We met on 1st of January! =D

Skull - at anatomy lab.

anem post many things on her wall. one of them was this. and i love it!
- late night pillow talk during Eid holiday.

the human brain. the smell of formaline sucks!

At the visa place. a.k.a gawazat. this was only some of them.

and there's more and more.

mama! i'm wearing my red winter coat already!!

bestest friend with her red rose and pucker face.

bwekkk =P

Really wish that you're here, jabir!

do pray for our success.
exam starting next week!

The Beginning

every great things happened today. despite the fact that today is the first day of the year. thank you Allah. for everything that you have give. everything that you had gave. and for everything that you will give me in the future, insyaallah.

so many things to share.

but my eyes are begging me to close them.

a very long day indeed.

but surely it was one of the best i've ever had.

earthlings, i'll post up another time.  =)