Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Semester 1 >>> Ended [Part 3]

Good Day people! =)

I just finish folding up the clothes just now.
Class was short today. From 8.30am to 11.30am.
Finally had more time to relax!

The weather's good today too. Not too hot like a few days ago. I think it's gonna rain in this week.
Like! Like! Like!  v^^v

Looking forward to Beef Rendang tonight. Special menu by Chef Nafisah.

Here's Part 3!
The last one. Some random stuff that I wanna show you guys.

Hope you guys like it.   =D

Karipap Kentang.
Done this during our winter break.
We made around 90 pieces or so.
All finish in one day. Heheh =P

Rindu kuih Malaysia la kate kan

A picture of Ain and Anem. This is the time when me and Ain went to Sayeda Zainab to meet Anem.

Ice cream tu Anem belanje  ^^

All the stuff that I bought here tend to be in red colour. And i don't know why. LOL  XD

During our short trip to Mansoura. Visiting my relatives and Ain's brother.

Fort of Salahuddin Al-Ayubi.
During our trip to Alexandria.

Me and Mr.Pyramid.
You guys can see how big the rocks are! What a spectacular place to see!

One of my dream came true  =)


Al-Azhar Park.
A day out together with my fellow classmates.
Spring season  =D


Nor Amira Syafiqa said...

bestnyee !

amisu said...

lol!! kat sini x de karipap lerrrr... jealous nya!!

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