Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tuesday Midnight

It's already midnight.
My eyes are begging for rest. But somehow i just can't sleep. So here i am, posting up some random stuff.

Just gone blog-walking. Admire all those bloggers who can wrote a long post. Because mine are always short. But i really hope that it's beneficial to the readers in some other ways. =)

Mei posted up her Easter pictures on facebook. Finally she put some fat on her ass. And other places too. HAHAHAHA. I felt happy though, seeing all her pictures.

and BAAAAMM~~!!
the screen went black. Kak Milah's just press the switch off. I had to restart the computer all over again. Ok. Went back to where i stopped. Yeahh,, finally get to see what's happening around her. How's the place looks like. And she posted up these cute easter eggs(which inside is the chocolate) pictures. The chocolate bunnies too! Busu Edah made the saddest love story ever about those cute little chocolate bunnies. You guys can check out Mei's facebook if you wanna see them. I am too lazy to post up pictures tonight 'cause it'll take some time, and by the time it finish uploading, i probably fell asleep.

Physics Lab Quiz. Done. Alhamdulillah. Quite surprised though. We had finished the syllabus??? Because I am quite sure we had two more experiments to go. Well, I hope with the 4 experiments, our results can have very attractive colours Insyaallah. Lets hope for the best!

Gosh! It's already 1.11am. I need to get some sleep. Luckily class starts at 11.00am tomorrow.



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