Monday, 13 December 2010



How are you peeps??
Doing well in life?
How's the weather today?

Everyone's in the house has already gone to bed now. Im the only one left. Suddenly felt like blogging.

It's winter now. For sure! 'coz the temperature dropped dramatically from 17c to 10c on the next day. Well, you might say that,

"Moscow lagi sejuk laaa.."


" Scotland laaaaaaaagi sejuk"  =P

Tapi, kat sini ade ribut pasir tau tak???
Angin pusing2 macam puting beliung (tapi, yang kecik punye jela).. bunyik diaa... fuuhhh,, naik bulu tengkuk.
Wa tak de tipu lu beb. Ini betul2 punyer.
Here in Cairo we have sandstorms in winter.
Alexandria experience the ice rain. Wow.
To Syifa and Farisha, hang in there friends!

Aside from that,
My body give a wierd effect due to this "extreme" weather.
My skin's can easily have small cuts. Especially when I scratch them. They're super dry too!
And my hands! My poor hands....=(
They tend to get damn itchy and painful whenever I try to eat with my hands. Yeah, I do have skin allergic but this is not what I always experiencing.
and now I have to eat with fork and spoon.

Alhamdulillah, it only happens to my right hand ; 'coz it's only use for bowing.
I can still play  the notes with my left hand.

P/S: Exams starts on Wednesday. All the best to all my friends. Bittaufiq wannajah! =)


amisu said...

hurmm.. nanti pergi us pun sejuk jugak.. heh..

faiz said...

weh, nak quote org kena bayar la !! hahaha

Wintercherry said...

It depends on which place you go to =P

Faiz, perasan gila

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