Friday, 31 December 2010

Farewell 2010

Dear Blog,

The clock on my laptop says that it's 11.09pm. Another 51 minutes to 12.00am. Then it'll be a new year. But why I'm not feeling like I'm expecting it? Like something big is gonna happen in my life? I'm not feeling anxious. Not even happy. Just plain.

2010 has really gives me new moments to cherish later on. I get to experience many new things in my life. Sad. Happy. Funny.

I think the FUNNIEST thing that ever happened to me this year is..
I failed my driving test twice. A straight A's girl failed her driving test twice. How stupid I can be?

SAD moments. Well, there are a few. But I always forget them. I have to. Otherwise I'll not look ahead in a positive way. There are some that I'll never forget. I'll just let them be in my heart until they decide to walk away by themselves.

There are numerous HAPPY moments!
I got to live like a free dove after SPM is over.
I got to meet my bestest friend in the whole wide world after 5 years.   ( Anem, thanks dear~ )
I got the chance to work as a clerk at Uncle Zak's office.
I pass my SPM with flying colours.      ( Straight A's tau  XD )
I further my studies in Egypt to be a dentist.
Fluffy's have 4 extra kittens.  
My sister have been accepted as an exchange student to USA.
Aba just got a new job.

And the one thing that I'm gonna remember it very well is I got a German brother. I always wanted a big brother. I am really Thankful to Allah, that He had granted my wish before I went abroad. It felt like, There's nothing I have to regret when I left Malaysia.

Abang Adam, really,, you have change my life. Because you made my dream come true.  =)

Ok. I guess the reason why I'm not expecting 2011 to come is, I don't think it as a new year for me. Or more likely a new beginning. Because I think that my  'new year' started when I took the flight to Egypt. When I decided to study here. To be a dentist.

People say that you set your goals for new year. And strive to achieve that goals. My New Year just started three months ago. So tomorrow, 01.01.2011. You're just numbers to me. Nothing big.

Because I just realize that you don't need a new year to set your goals. Any time would do.  XD

Sanah Helwa  =)


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