Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Don't get the title wrong. I'm just posting this for my dear lovely Mei.

Dear Mei,
Wishing you MERDEKA! Finally, you have finished your SPM and you're already officially graduated from high school. All that sweat and hardwork you have put on will come out in uber result insyaAllah =)

You said that, " SPM dah abes. High school is gone for good."

Well my dear, let me tell you something based on my experience. You will feel that you just know the word F.R.E.E.D.O.M  for the first time in your life. You get to do things that you really wanna do the most, when you can't do them all these while. You will feel that everything is over for good and that you have done a very good job in your life although there are some parts that you might regret.

1st week...
Sleep all day. It's pay back time isn't it? For every single night you stayed late at night to do your revision. Then, play games.. facebook-ing.. watching TV.. just being lazy. No one's gonna get angry at you. Not even Ma, not even Aba. You deserve it right?

2nd week...
Feels like this is one of the best moments that can happen in your life. Enjoy!

3rd week...
I bet you're gonna feel lonely by now. Schools are gonna open in early January. You saw people busy shopping for their children's stuff. Adik will be one of them. You'll be wondering what school will be like next year? without your existence? How about your friends? How are they doing? It's been a long time haven't meet them and have some chit chat and gossips over some people you know at school.

I used to think that too. That high school is gone for good. But you wanna know something? I miss them badly. I miss to wear my prefect uniform and always be strict during the school hours. I miss to get scolded by teachers for not doing my homework. I miss to write my name on every new books that I'm gonna use in schools. I miss my friends. I miss my Asduta. I miss my teachers. I miss the school. I miss being given responsibility. I miss get tangled up in paperworks, reports, exams and so much more.

You will only realize this when you had left old things behind and you see so many new things ahead of you.
Cherish every moments you had as a student. Remember them strongly. Because, when things get tough on the later days.. you will remember that, you once had lead a journey of ups and downs on your way climbing  the mountains of knowledge and you will be grateful to Allah that you had seen  beautiful sceneries of life.

You can always create a new moments to cherish later on. Life's still a long journey.

The best Asam Pedas is made from basic herbs and spices,, mixed together. You get the red kuah and you put ikan parang later on.

Just think of it like that. =)



faiz said...

to ur sis, what arina said is very true!!!

and to arina, i think i should call my blog guitarista! hahaha

amisu said...

hey Jie,

thanks k.. i'll put my ikan parang in my red kuah ok!

faiz.. thanks man!! guitarista nice idea.. =)

Wintercherry said...

To faiz,,
yela tu. guitarista. haha XD

I bet you would =)

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