Friday, 29 October 2010

Winter Preparation Part 1

Salam Sejahtera.
Semoga sihat belaka dan sentiasa di bawah lindungan Allah SWT.

Ma insisted me to talk about India. But,, from the deep of my heart, I don't feel like giving a story telling bout it YET. So, I'm gonna tell u guys about my winter preparation in Egypt.

One and a half month ago, (while I was still in Malaysia)
I didn't buy any winter clothes to bring here. AQM and my seniors said in Egypt it will be a lot cheaper. PLUS,, I don't want any excess baggage. Kena bayar wooo.. 1 kilo RM96.00. Gila!
I didn't bring sweater along. My bag was already FULL and PACKED. Thanks to the GREEN BAG  =_=

It's already been a week since Egypt started to cool. Gosh! I never thought that it would be so fast! The other day was sooo hot and the next thing when I woke up in the morning, I was shivering! I only had my wool pashmina that I bought in India. Every night I sleep with pashmina as my blanket and I had to wear socks too! The cold is sooo different than the cold that you feel in an air-conditioned room.

Baru 18 degree celcius, nak mandi pagi pun pikir dua kali. HAHA.
before mandi, jerang air panas dua kali, campur ngan air sejuk tu. Nikmat mandi tak terkata!
Sis Aishah said last year the temperature was low around 6 degree celcius!
Cool dude. I'm really looking forward to my days here =)

P/S:   Winter = Hibernate


Anonymous said...

i think i already commented already but i dont see it.. haha.. 18 degrees pun malas nak mandi ke?? try mandi when it's 0 ?..and 6 is the lowest??.. hahha try walking to class at -2 !!! muahahhahaa....

ps: u should come here .. then u'll be thankful of the egyptian weather

Nur Hazlida Saharan said...

18 degrees?! Alah...kacang aje tu. Belum rase
-ve 20 degrees... Tu winter kat Paris..Seksa!!!
4 lapis pun rase sejuk lagi...MACAM TEDDY BEAR LAK...

Wintercherry said...

-20 degrees?? waaahhh~~~~~
tapi teringin pulak nak rase.
doa la ye ade rezeki boleh la pi =P

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