Friday, 15 October 2010

Land of Pharaohs

It's already been exactly  27 days I'm in Egypt. Well, I came here to study dentistry in University of Al-Azhar for 5 years. Before this I never imagine myself to further my study in Egypt. I wanted to go to Netherland! But many things pass by in my life and here I am, in the land of pharaohs,, filled with many ancient history for me to discover. ( and for sure, study like mad to get my degree)

Months before I arrived, a friend of my senior told me this,

 " Mesir tak sama macam country lain. Awak kena prepare."

I was wondering apa yang lainnya. Then I asked my Ma. (she's been to Egypt before)

"Well, dia sama macam India kot. I'm sure you will survive." Ma said.

Ok. I know what it will be like. Veeeeeeeeryy different from Malaysia. During my one week orientation in ILIM, the seniors show us lots of pictures about Egypt. Yeap, memang sangat lain. At least I know how the place will look like, the people, the city, the transportation. It's not like I haven't done my own research, but you guys know la kan, the media always nak tunjuk yang baik2 je. Hey, I'm gonna stay here for five years. Of course I wanna make sure that I will survive in a strange, new environment.

It's quite difficult for me to express what I think when I first saw the surrounding around Egypt. All I can say is, macam India. Ada banyak pasir. Ada banyak orang. Ada kuda ngan keldai kat tepi jalan. Saaaaaangat lain dari Malaysia. You can't easily find horses and donkeys in Malaysia. Paling senang nak jumpa, kat zoo. Then,  hon kat sini macam orchestra. Non stop. Most of the Egyptians don't obey the traffic rules. Traffic light pun susah nak nampak. Oh yeah, one more thing,, the traffic light will always be in yellow colours.

My friend said, " dia nak suruh kita awas je. Jangan sampai berlanggar ngan kereta lain."  huhu..

Crossing the streets, lain cerita pulak. Tak ada jejantas. Tak ada traffic light untuk pejalan kaki. Lintas macam tu je. Kereta dah la laju nak mampus. Tawakkal je laa... haiihhh    =_="

The habits of the Egyptians.
First, they are nocturnal. Kedai bukak sampai pukul 3 pagi if  I'm not mistaken.
They open their store at noon. Nak zohor baru bangun dari tidur. Only bread shop, vegetable stall je yang bukak awal pagi.
Second, they speak arabic in Egyptian accents. Famous dengan nama, bahasa 'ammiyah. Lain gila dari bahasa arab yang kita belajar kat sekolah dulu. ( this one is known as fushah ) So, it's very difficult for us to understand what they are saying. To make things worse, my fushah pun sangat basic. But, I still survive. with the help of my friends and seniors. =) 
Third, there are sooooooooooo many rubbish. Tepi jalan melambak.
Fourth, they LOVE to drink carbonated drinks and eat snacks. You guys can find small stalls along the streets that sell these kinda things. Ishh.. tak kena diabetes ke macam tu?? seram tengok.

There's more in egypt for me to discover. I have 4 years ++  to experience a whole new journey in my life. I'll just go with the flow.  ^_^

P/S : ada orang tu suruh I update blog. tapi dia tak jadi follower pun. =P


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