Sunday, 18 December 2011

Between Anger, Hatred, Vengeance, Remorse and Repentance.

Seriously, Egypt.

     If you think that the big 25th January Revolution thing is gonna change your country, well,, look back. Maybe you should start come to work on time. Drink and eat less during your working time. Start having an over-time work. Not just an everyday 8am-3pm. To my utmost concern, please! Do start renovating the 'visa place'. And start having the numbering system. So that we won't miss our class. And leisurely kill our 6 hours of time by standing. YOU HAVE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE IN FRONT OF YOUR COUNTER, FOR GOD'S SAKE! There're 10 dots away to strike the number 3. I think you can still manage to receive our forms, aite? You just asked us to go back home? WE HAVE EXAMS COMING UP!!! How can we able to do this thing all over again next week, huh?

Rather than swearing out loud, i overcome my anger, hatred and vengeance by remorse and repentance. i coax my boiling heart by asking Allah for forgiveness. For me. For the person. For the other person.

And a trip to Khayzuran for our late lunch + early dinner.

You have so much to improve. Seriously.


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