Tuesday, 29 November 2011

One Fine Tuesday Morning

i didn't even get a six hours sleep. But my eyes're open widely when i woke up for subuh's prayer. Like i've been sleeping continuously for ten hours.

i made breakfast today. together with my other chef-of-the-day, Kak Fara.
at 7.30am today we ate Kampung Fried Rice with a nice hot Lipton tea.

i just got the feeling that today is special;
like every single thing that i do brings great meanings.

wake up in early in the morning to worship our Creator;
thanking Him for giving us another one more day to breathe, to live, to cherish every little things around us.

made breakfast for the people you love;
deep inside that very little chamber of your heart, you pray that these people will have the His blessings, being happy and being able to study very hard- just by having the meal that you served for them.

the feeling when you want to impress Him. and the people you love. just by doing these tiny little things.

like life is worth it.

And it occured to me, again. that,, you don't need any special day that you obliged to; like New Year's Day. for you to set your aims and hopes throughout the year. for you to collect yourself, and bring the pieces of your life together. so that you can see the bigger picture of it.

so that you can feel good about yourself.

It can just be any day.

When you have that day, don't let it pass you by.
Grab it, hold it tight.

So that you can feel rejuvenated.

Just like me.

And i thank Allah for all that it is.


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