Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Puteri Asduta 2009

I want you to meet my friends of 7 years.

From left : Tiara.Erni.Syina.Siti.Nas.Me.Ain.Fiera.Moon.Diba.Mira Midon.

I met these gorgeous girls in my high school years. They were my hostel friends!
We live together for 5 years. We study, eat, laugh, and cry together. We GREW UP together. With them I discover the life of a teenager.

Every one of them have special characteristics that I'll never forget in my entire life. Because, each one of these awesome ladies have truly made my life even more beautiful!

.: TIARA :.
She's an energetic woman! Gosh,, I really love her energy. So powerful. You can see it while she's playing netball. And the way she speaks too! One of the best Malay debator I've ever met =)
In Form 1, we're in the same dorm. Everyday look at the calendar,counting the days until we can go back home for holiday. Haha.. Those were the days when we're homesick.
Oh yeah, and I love the way she speaks javanese with her mom. LOL  XD

.: ERNI :.
A very hilarous girl. I can't stop my laugh when she starts to make jokes. But you might be petrified by her death glare. You don't wanna make her mad for sure. Tiara's her best buddy. Always together. Erni's the one that always lead our weekly exercuse in hostel. She's sooooooooooo IN to it! I like her when she put her effort in it. She always thinking and creating new moves to fit with the songs. And totally,, all of us really enjoy the time. ^^

.: SYINA :.
I know this babe when she enroll our school in Form 4. At first, she looks very quite, but once you get to know her,, WALAO! very talkative indeed. She has a good sense in fashion.  ( I like that! ) Always wear contact lenses with different colours. I remembered there was a day she wore a pair of green contact lenses. And all Aspura said she's an alien. LOL  =D   Plus, she has a unique feature too. She looks like chinese, fair skin but with big eyes.

.: SITI :.
A very polite and decent girl. She's Syina's bestfriend since Form 1 when they studied together in different high school. Despite their closeness, all of us can still be good friends. She doesn't like to shout. I'll always envy her patience. I do think she's a very strong girl inside because she face a lot of hardships near SPM. But still, she manage to do it  =)  I'll always miss the nights that the two of us,, together with Fiera.. put lotion before going to bed.

.: NAS :.
Gadis hitam manis. kecil molek pulak tu. Everyone adore's her red face when she's blushing. =P
Love her expression when she's panic. Haha.. Tapi, Nas nie.. garang orangnye. We're in the same class since Form 1. And in the same Prefectorial Board of SMKDU for 3 years! Ohh,, she's a good listener too. and she can keep your secrets very well.  =)

.: AIN :.
What can I say about her?? I think most of the school knows her name. She's very active in co-curricular activities. A teachers' pet too. She made a good team with Amar. They did well together. Moreover, she's very hardworking too. You'll never see her do other things aside from doing revision in prep room. Everywhere she goes, a book is a must. She even got her Chemistry book beside her bed. Admire her will to study!

.: FIERA :.
Our KA. or Ketua Asrama. Sangat lemah lembut. Everything she does, she does it gracefully. Even when playing netball. We always been a pair. She's the GA. and I'm the GS. =)
She's a great traditional dancer! We've been performing together for 2 years. Fiera,, dia lah ketua bile nak order burger tengah malam buta. Haha.. I really appreciate it when she says that I'm a good listener.

.: MOON :.
A tall, skinny girl. Very quite. But she's a very good friend. She never leaves her friends no matter what happens. She's always with Paem. Bila Paem lambat pegi skola, Moon pun lambat juga. Sebab tunggu Paem. A very loyal person. But supersensitive. But all of us understands her very well. She's my mate when in the Dining Hall. Because both of us were always left behind,, sebab makan lambat. Hehe...

.: DIBA :.
Huisshhh... hahahaha... Remember this girl clearly in my head. Sebab dia suka ikut kepala sendiri, tak pikir pasal orang lain. Buat apa yang dia suka, tak kira orang marah ke tak. Brave girl indeed! Dia lah hantu bila nak kena kan orang time sambut birthday. But she had the worst! Haha.. serves you right my friend. Lain kali pikir dulu ye. Ehehe.... She's always listen to my problems.. And she likes to hear my stories. All of them! Especially when related to guys.. of course. Thanks for being there when you're needed!

Famous kot name nieyh?? Haha.. Suka buat hal ngan kitorang. LOL   XD
She's a one tough girl. Sebab bila kitorang marah jee.. dia boleh pulak buat dono je.. Haha.
Ape2 pun, she's a soft hearted person.. yang tak simpan dendam banyak sangat like other people would. You're always be the clown among us. Jangan rasa dipersendakan, sebab without you, our life will be dull. Sebab tak de orang yang kitorang nak kena kan.. Hehe..  Selalu je gaduh ngan minah nie.. but whatever happens, you'll still be my friend dunia akhirat insyaallah!

Why I'm writing this?

Because I miss you girls soooooooooo much!

P/S : Have fun at the Reunion girls !


halimahaly said...

hahahaha~really..truly..damn..miss all of u n all the times we spent in asduta~

amisu said...

hey sis.. upload la pasal hang punya adik.. hahaha.. bangga sikit kalau lawat blog nie.. hihihihi.. ^^

p/s: nie dikira request

Wintercherry said...

sis haly,, miss u too!!! hope we all can hang out together like old times =)

mei,, LOL!
send pics first,, then i'll post XD

Anonymous said...

arrriiinnnn!!!!!!!!thnx sgt dear....realy2 appriciate it....miss u s muchhh girl....l0000vveee yaaaa...<3<3<3

Wintercherry said...

Lady Anonymous..
you must be one of the ten person above.
Miss you too babe!

Anonymous said...

arin..really appreciate it..n yes, i miss all of our time together =) thx a lot dear..ily!

- SITI -

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