Friday, 14 January 2011

The Observer

Wassup people?
Doing great??


Suffocating in your life???

Well, that does not concern me the most. Because today's post I would like to share with you guys something that are very common in life. Yet,, we never really take it seriously.

A couple of months ago, I had this little conversation with a close friend of mine. He brought up the topic,Judge and Being Judged. At that time, I don't really quite understand what he's saying. He promised to tell me more about it when we meet up in Malaysia. Well,, hopefully we can.  >.<

He said,  "we all have been judged, as a matter of fact we are constantly being judged by other ppl..."

Which is very true! We do it in our daily lives.

Example : When we saw an Indian man driving a BMW.. our minds wonder whether he is the owner... or the driver.. Right??? Hey,, I'm don't have any racial discrimination okayhh.. but it's the truth kan?

In my opinion, judging people based on first impression is not a sin. It's essential in order to know more about the people you're gonna deal with. So that you are prepared. And so that you won't feel 'unarmed'. if I could put it like this. Even the interviewers, judge the interviewees based on first impression. You would not want to hire a chef with long hair kan?? It's unhygienic! habis semua orang kena food poisoning nanti.

On the other hand, we always..forever being judge by other people. The way we dress, the way we speak, the people that we mingle around with, our behaviour, and mostly,,  we being judge by the decisions that we make and the way we live our lives. If the result is positive, then it's ok. But what I wanna highlight in this point is,, when people have bad impressions on you. When they think that what they're doing is the right way or even worse.. they gossips bout you. And this, will make OTHER people think bad about you.

A few days ago, I read a blog. About something that concerns my life here, in Egypt. The post is about how the blogger blamed the other party for not doing their job well and neglect their responsibilities to the newbies. I found it very provocative. Bagai menyimbah minyak ke api yang marak.

As if...

The blogger is the Attorney.
The newbies are the Plaintiff.
The other party is the Defendant.

And of course, the blog itself is the Court. 

As I was reading the post, I found it rather similar with what I talk before. Judge and Being Judged. It certainly shows that the other party is at blame. Without any research, or any confirmation to know whether the story is true or just a gossip.

When judging people, the Judge will ALWAYS win.
And the people that Being Judged will ALWAYS lose.

That's the obvious rule.
It's human's nature. Human does not like to admit that he is wrong.

Between Judge and Being Judge. Two party involve.
But we always forget the third one. The Observer.

The one that will sit aside and observe the whole situation. Think. And make conclusions. The Observer is the REAL JUDGE. Not the people who claim other people are wrong ; in this case, the blogger.

Who are The Observer?
They are the people who comment on the blogger's post. And other people who read the post. And also the people who know the situation very well in the reality world.

So, when we're judging people... Don't forget. There are others who're gonna judge you too!

P/S: Don't be a hypocrite.


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