Saturday, 28 May 2011

What's The Size of Your Brain?

May peace be upon you fellow earthlings.

Have you ever said;

" I wanna be like her. She's so pretty."

" Oh dear, how I wish I could have a rich father like him."

" I'm never gonna be like her. She's so perfect."

" I wish I had my sister's brain"

That's what Mei commented on her friend's FB status. It striked me right on the bullseye. I don't see it as a compliment you know. But I see other things. 


These words came across my mind. You see, Allah is The Most Sublime, The Most Righteous; if I could say it like that. He created us equally. Some might have good looks, some might have big brain. People who have bigger brain: which means clever literally, have bigger responsibility. Most of them ended up being doctors, scientists, chemists, geologists,dentists and so much more. Their job is more like serving to the ummah. Not for themselves. Contribute their work for the sake of mankind. They use the gift that Allah gave to them for OUR sake. Some people may born with intelligent. And some have to work hard to be one.  And some people, are not so bright. No matter how hard they do, they'll never gonna achieve it.
But hey! Be grateful lads! Because you don't have to stay awake late at night studying piles of books, memorising types of diseases, testing chemical substances, designing airplanes, constructing nuclear bombs, etc. You can lead your life leisurely, with less worries.
But remember, every single soul have the same responsibility! You guys are like the roots of the tree. Anchoring the tree stongly to the earth. Without you guys, people with bigger brain cannot do his job well. They need you!!

Don't feel small about yourself just because others are greater than you. Be grateful and live your life to the fullest. You too, can help the ummah in your own way. =)

So, no more   " I wish.."
Stop wishing and face the reality in a positive way. In that way you can be the greatest person in the universe.

The only way for the world to change, is for you to change first. =)


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alrighty~ thanks jie!! <3 you!

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